Discography: A List of Really Cool Recordings Ken Plays Drums On

I've played drums on quite a few recordings during my 30+ years as a professional drummer. On some of these I played pretty darn good and the production was also done very well. On the flipside (a little recording pun in context--ha! ha!), some are not exactly too hot and should have never seen the light of day. They are crimes against humanity.

Concerning these bad recordings, either my drumming sounded like marbles in a dryer and/or the production was really bad. Now I've also done some recording sessions where my drumming was pretty good, but those producing the project pushed the "SUCK BUTTON" and turned what would have been a really nice recording into something to hang up outdoors and scare away vampires. If you find any of these bad recordings with my name on them, please dispose of them immediately in an environmentally friendly manner.

So here's the current list of what I believe are the really good recordings that I play the drums on. I'll update this list as soon as I make any more new cool recordings. The titles with asterisks (*) are currently out of print. However, if you are interested, I just may be able to get you a copy. Those without asterisks are still being printed and can be purchased through Amazon, Pony Boy Records, CD Baby, or through the websites of the individual artists. So go buy them--every single one of them. Enjoy!

  • Jazz from the Rockies * USAF Falconaires Big Band 1991
  • Thanks for the Memories * USAF Falconaires Big Band 1993
  • Tower of Inspiration * USAF Shades Of Blue Jazz Big Band 1999 (BTW, you can download songs from this recording and view the liner notes on this website. Hooray!).
  • Christmas With John Anderson and Trish, Hans, and Phil Live at Bake's Place 2001
  • Patty Miller Patty Miller 2002
  • Christmas Tree, Jazz Waltzes and Things Primo Kim 2004
  • First Path Reginald Pickney 2005
  • Come Rain or Come Shine Emerald City Jazz Orchestra 2005
  • Endless Pursuit Rick Waldron 2005
  • Scotch and Soda Floyd Standifer and the Pampas Quartet 2005
  • The New Bop Brigade 2005
  • Trish, Hans, and Phil Greatest Hits Vol. 1 2005
  • My Romance Dina Blade 2006
  • Your Name Is Holy The Music of New Life Foursquare (Everett, WA) 2006
  • Playin' and Swayin' Trish Hatley Quartet 2006
  • Homeless for the Holidays An Ensemble of Lonesome Fellas (ELF) 2007
  • On the Quiet Side Trish Hatley 2007
  • With Thanks to My Friends Jim Kerl's Swing Session Big Band 2007
  • Songs for the Saints, Vol. 2: Erb Psalms Trinity Church (Kirkland, WA) 2008
  • Remember The Passion Heather Ruiz 2008
  • Reflections USAF Falconaires Big Band 2008
  • The Heart Of The Matter Rick Waldron 2008
  • Judy Sings Judy Judy Ann Moulton 2010
  • Let Them Talk Chris Anderson 2010
  • Celebrating Sinatra and Basie Joey Jewell with Jim Kerl's Swing Session Big Band Live at The Triple Door 2010
  • I Remember Trish Hatley 2010
  • Sing, Ask, and It Is Given Trish Hatley 2010
  • KPLU School of Jazz, Volume 7 2011
  • What a Wonderful World Jacqueline D. Tabor 2011
  • She's Lost The Sun (Chapter 1: Undercover) Jim Freeman 2011
  • Lunar Endemic Ensemble 2012
  • Something About You Callie Cash 2012
  • Let It Snow David Wayne 2012
  • Christmas Blessings Breath of Aire 2012
  • The Essential Trish Hatley Trish Hatley 2013
  • The Essential Trish Hatley Trish hatley 2013

More really cool recordings I play on or will play on are in the works, so stay tuned!